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About Me


My wife and I got married in Fall 2020, so I can empathize with the stress of wedding planning, multiplied by a global pandemic! We had an intimate backyard wedding surrounded by our closest family & friends. My wife is my biggest supporter and my biggest inspiration to live a life of gratitude and love photography. We make an amazing team and she assists me on almost every photoshoot I go on.

My other biggest inspiration for gratitude is my niece, Emma. She is a cancer survivor who was diagnosed with leukemia when she was only 4 months old. Her life is a reminder that every day on this Earth should be celebrated with those we love.


I’m an open book and always love to chat and getting to know new people. If you'd like some awesome conversation starters to get to know me a little better, here are a few: video games, Pokemon GO, Marvel, Star Wars, running, The Office, Dragonball Z, Perler Beads, 360 cameras, eggs benedict just to name a few! Hope to talk to you soon!

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